Why I'm not freaking out about losing my source code

homeserver[1] I'm horrible when it comes to keeping my own projects checked into my SVN server.  It seems to be a twice a month event for me.  So I was freaked out about losing a decent sum of work on my skateboard or on my laptops in general since some d-bag decided to break into my rental car?

Fear Not!  I have a backup on my Windows Home Server and it does daily backups of my computers.  I wish I would have had a backup from 5/1/2008, but I do have a backup from 4/29/2008 of my entire source code.  The gyro code does need to be tweaked again but over all, this works.  I know what I need to do to get it working properly.

I also have a backup of all my presentations and other source code that isn't too old.

While I did lose about 3 hours worth of airplane work (seriously, this is the best type of work since no one can bother you) on a different project, it isn't like I had a total system failure.

Windows Home Server, best 400 dollars I ever spent.

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