Back plane and inductor PCBs soldered up

Small and reduces the rat’s nest of wiring by creating these little puppies.  Everything has a little LED on it to show when it is on too.

drinktendr progress

If there is one thing I love, it is getting stuff done.  Here are all the parts for Drinktendr v3.5 and the new PCBs I had created to help aid in wire management.  One is just pure wire management (bottom left) and the other is to help aid in the load induction (bottom right).  The load induction suppressor PCB is designed to directly hook into the valve.    

Silverlight, I should give you taxi money, right?

As 1 piece  As 20 pieces It is now 5am, I think it is time for me to go to sleep.  However, I think Silverlight should take the taxi home since I tend to sprawl out on my bed.  I've had my way with it and while I had to learn some weird new positions, it was fun.  Not as easy as I'd like, but fun. And yes, that is an HD video I used just because I could.  And it is the Fantastic Four movie. Things left to do: Add in text boxes...

Programmer by day, carpenter by night

3 foot by 3 foot, 10 peices of wood total. 20 dollars for the wood. 1/4" thick. I also got a Dermel 400xr to further turn wood into my bitch. GET WHAT YOU OWE WOOD. Now I just need to start buying out the Menards / Home Depots out of 1/4"x4x whatever size wood. hehe, I said wood.

Why such crappy progress?

Well, I've been busy. At work over at SpringCM, content management on demand, we have a production build coming up and I've been helping out doing Search Engine Optimization along with a lot of User Interface work. Something about creating a server side control that does everything client side but is actually fetched via Ajax that makes me smile since it is so overly complexe for such a simple thing. (yes, there is a actual good reason why I opted for that solution ). Either next weekend or the following weekend I need to A> give my mom...


I actually did do some coding on the train trip to and from to score my xbox 360. I tweaked how animation files work for random files to load. And in doing so, I set myself up perfectly for loading animation files. score! Alas, I ran into my nemsis of cross thread object access. what currently happens is the UI's thread is indepentant of the thread that actually writes to the floor. I want a progress meter for animation files but can't due to this. Maybe the RTM version of .Net 2.0 has some cool way to do this....

Change a tire and now detects

Talk about weird. Now the boards are working. Readded in some error checking code and now it returns 80 instead of what it did before. however the Write command, it returned 50. After the read however, I get a code of 80. According to the Protocol Specification, an 80 is a Test Pattern. It is a threadfunc() that it is failing.

today notta

Today when attempting to send the command byte ... the screen claims a Bus error. whatever the f-bomb that is. I can't get anything to work after yestarday it was working when I left it last night. Time to express myself myself colorfully with four letter words. Lots of four letter words.

but so funny

I learned while dealing with a piece of metal that is super heated to 625 degree is not to listen to Dane Cook. Laughing is not a good idea. VERY BAD IDEA. you will get burned ... or least I did ... cause I'm stupid

Bet with boss

My one of my bosses at Sonoma Partners, the company I work for doing c# for MS CRM, found out I was building this monstrosity during lunch today. He claimed in a year period I won't get 3 girls to dance on the floor. I beg to differ. I claim 5 girls. 1 being the token 'larger than normal' girl but still, 5 girls. While many may call me a girl, I dance like Bill Cosby so I don't count.