Near complete wiring harness

Remember, this use to look like this:

Quick mounting to show off look / feel

I have to say, I’m rather happy how these turned out.  This will be mounted between the two legs protected by yet another sheet of acrylic for PDC.  I’m using hex head screws also to mount these since they just look so dang nice.  I had TAP plastics in Seattle do the holes and bends for me.  Chances are there is a plastic place near you that can do this for you.  With the bends and holes, it cost about $40 and they did two of them for me in an hour on a Saturday.  The blue plastic...

Back plane and inductor PCBs soldered up

Small and reduces the rat’s nest of wiring by creating these little puppies.  Everything has a little LED on it to show when it is on too.

Final wiring for Drunktender v3

Drunktender v3 Hardware Test from Clint Rutkas on Vimeo. Now on to getting bottles added in, additional drinks in the database, and the WPF application wired up.

induction load test

Tested the first induction suppressing circuit.  Without the the little circuit that is resting on power supply, the 2nd relay board would have froze.  I was opening and closing the valve to my heart’s content.  Heck yeah!  Now to create at a minimum 7 of them as that is how many food valves I have.  I have 4 done and 17 circuits prepped to be made. I’ll create a cool demo of the circuits now with compressed air now I know I can open and close without failure. Now that I have that...

Wiring Bartender Test

As I’ve stated before, I learned my lessons before about getting everything wired up without properly testing.  So this time around, I’m doing baby steps.  I’m labeling everything like a big boy and making sure everything works before I go to the next fun step rather than build it and then check if everything works properly. Today I successfully tested the wiring and fired both a 24V solenoid valve and a 12Volt valve at the same time.  Now time to start racking stuff up.

drunktender lives!

Much like everyone else, I get distracted and need to clean off my desk from time to time.  In doing so, I discovered my nice little relay circuit board that needed some rewiring after it was tweaked for a small issue that made me pull it.  The old wiring that was used previously was thicker and hard to manipulate.  This made working on the boards hard and more difficult than needed.  On top of that, the wiring was slightly too large for the connections on the boards.  I grabbed some wiring I had from the skateboard instead of strapping 100%...